Filter for pipes

All our pipe filters (paper and activated carbon filters) and filter crystals (silica gel) guarantee pleasant cool and dry smoking pleasure. When smoking, the aroma of the tobacco remains unchanged. Moisture is removed, nicotine and condensate content is reduced, the taste is stabilised and the pipes are protected from the inside.

Paper pipe filters

The use of denicotea paper filters in tobacco pipes has several advantages, including:

  1. Reduction of harmful substances: Paper filters help reduce harmful substances in tobacco smoke by filtering particles and impurities before they are inhaled.
  2. Moisture regulation: Paper filters help regulate the moisture in tobacco for a more consistent and enjoyable smoking experience.
  3. Prevention of clogging: Paper filters have the effect of reducing clogging of the pipe by tobacco residue, which can lead to a smoother draw and a more enjoyable smoking experience.
  4. Ease of use: Paper filters are easy to handle and replace, making them a practical option for many smokers.
  5. Reduce tobacco waste: Paper filters help to reduce the tobacco waste that is produced when smoking. The filters can be easily disposed of, reducing the amount of tobacco waste that ends up in the environment.
  6. Biodegradable: The paper filters are biodegradable and can therefore be disposed of without any negative impact on the environment.
  7. No chemical additives: Unlike some other filters that may contain chemical additives, paper filters are made from natural materials and do not contain harmful chemicals that can enter the environment.

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Pipefilters 3mm, 100 pieces

Product no.: 10140

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Pipefilters 4mm, 60 pieces

Product no.: 10144

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Pipefilters 6mm, 36 pieces

Product no.: 10146

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denicool filter crystals, 12 gr.

Product no.: 60610

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denicool filter crystals, 50 gr.

Product no.: 60615

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BLITZ SYSTEM Activated charcoal pipefilters 9mm, 200 pieces

Product no.: 80143

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