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Smoking in new tobacco pipes

There are various opinions about the correct use of the tobacco pipe. You will make your own experiences and will treat your darlings appropriately. In the beginning, however, it is useful to follow a few rules.  

  • Fill your pipe lose at the bottom and a little tighter at the top.
  • Light your pipe with matches or a special pipe lighter with a horizontal flame. You should take care that the entire surface of the tobacco in the pipe bowl smoulders.
  • Puff on your pipe calmly and regularly but only just enough that the fire will not go out. This way, the pipe stays cool and tastes better. - If the pipe goes out in between times, it is lit again. - If it gets hot (you can only hold the pipe bowl in you hand with difficulties) let the pipe cool off and light it up again later on.
  • From time to time press slightly on the burning area of the tobacco with a pipe tamper. In doing so, you regulate the "hard draw" of which there should always be a little. The tobacco dies out more evenly and the pipe stays cool.
  • If the pipe goes out more often at the end of the filling you should do without relighting the pipe and empty out the rest of the tobacco. This way, you take care of your tastebuds and your pipe.
  • A smoked pipe which is still warm should not be refilled and smoked again immediately. Let your pipe dry out first, normally for several hours up to one day. (Therefore it is recommendable to have various pipes).
  • Every time when you have smoked your pipe clean it with a pipe cleaner and place it, if possible, on a pipe stand so that it can dry out better. Besides: clean pipes taste better. The flue should always be free of residues.


The golden rules for pipe smokers:

  • Choose high quality tobacco: Use high quality tobacco that is suitable for pipe smoking. It is important that the tobacco has a suitable moisture content to ensure optimal combustion and a pleasant taste. Consult an experienced pipe smoker or a specialist tobacco shop to find the best types of tobacco for your taste.
  • Prepare the tobacco properly: Break the tobacco into small pieces and let it air dry for a few minutes to reduce moisture. This can help the tobacco burn better and provide a pleasant smoking experience.
  • Plug the pipe properly: Do not plug the pipe too tightly or too loosely. If the pipe is stuffed too tightly, the smoke may draw harder and affect the smoking experience. If the pipe is stuffed too loosely, the tobacco can burn out quickly.
  • Smoke slowly: Pipe smoking requires patience and time. Smoke slowly and enjoy the taste of the tobacco. Draw the smoke only lightly into your mouth and then let it slide into your lungs. Avoid inhaling too deeply to avoid overheating the pipe and an unpleasant smoking experience.
  • Clean the pipe regularly: Clean the pipe thoroughly after each smoking to remove debris and keep the pipe in good condition. Remove excess tobacco and clean the pipe with a pipe cleaner and an alcohol cleaner. Avoid getting the pipe wet or cleaning it with soap as this can damage the wood.
  • Choose the right pipe: Choose a pipe that suits your smoking style and fits well in your hand. A good pipe should be well balanced and have a comfortable weight. Consult an experienced pipe smoker or a specialist tobacco shop to find the best pipe for your needs.

We hope these tips will help you enjoy a pleasant pipe smoking experience. Here is a selection of our products that will make your pipe smoking more enjoyable:

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