denicotea Phone order

You can place an order at any time in the online store with all known online payment methods. Thus, the goods will reach you in the fastest way.

Some customers do not want to order over the Internet or use online payment methods. It is exactly for these situations that we offer telephone order:

Telefonsymbol +49 176 93 78 87 37

We will be happy to take your order by phone and advise you on any questions you may have about our products. This is how easy it is to order conveniently and securely by phone:

1.) Put desired items in the store cart or note the item numbers.

2.) You call us and name the products and give the delivery address.

3.) We inform you of the total amount and our bank details. This can also be done by mail (invoice) or as SMS, WhatsApp to your cell phone.

4.) You transfer the money to our bank account. The bank transfer usually takes 2-3 business days.

5.) We ship immediately upon receipt of money. Delivery time depends on delivery address

We are looking forward to your call!