NICE holders



The new series of "Nice" holders, all in a natural timber look, have an overall length of only 74 mm and are perfectly suitable for normal King Size Cigarettes (9 mm). The processing and dimensions make the tips particularly delicate and light.

The NICE design combines warm tones with gold-coloured details and a brilliant mouthpiece featuring an engraved "d" for denicotea.

The NICE comes in a white box with 10 Slim Filters.

Please note that the NICE holders specifically require the Slim Filters (order number: 10135).

For optimal cleaning of your holder, we recommend deniclean (order number: 60600).

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NICE Sandalwood

Product no.: 25100

12.95 *
In stock

NICE Walnut

Product no.: 25101

12.95 *
In stock

NICE Mahogany

Product no.: 25102

12.95 *
In stock

NICE Ebony

Product no.: 25103

12.95 *
In stock
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