Slim holders



The Slimline series can be combined with king-size cigarettes (8-9 mm) and extra-slim cigarettes (4-6 mm). The adapter allows flexibility and is included with every Slimline holder.

Unique materials are elaborately processed and give the holders an individual touch. A special eye-catcher is also the "d" on the delicately worked mouthpiece. Perfection in every detail.

Please note that the Slimline holders require the special Slimline filters (order number 10135).


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Slimline mother-of-pearl/white

Product no.: 25001

49.00 *

Slimline leather

Product no.: 25002

49.00 *

Slimline lacquer, grey

Product no.: 25003

49.00 *

Slimline gold colour

Product no.: 25004

49.00 *
In stock

Slimline silver colour/guilloché

Product no.: 25005

49.00 *

Slimline carbon/striped

Product no.: 25006

49.00 *
Still in stock

Slimline carbon/silver

Product no.: 25007

49.00 *
Still in stock

Slimline copper

Product no.: 25008

49.00 *

Slimline bronze

Product no.: 25009

49.00 *
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