Denicotea holders & pipecleaners tapered, white, 100 pieces

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Denicotea holders and pipecleaners tapered | white | 100 pieces per bag

A cigarette holder and pipe cleaner is a flexible wire wrapped with soft bristles or cotton and is used to clean cigarette holders, pipes and other objects. Here is a step-by-step guide to using a cleaner with a cigarette holder:

  • Preparation: make sure you use a cleaner that is long enough to reach the entire length of the cigarette holder.
  • Removing deposits: Gently insert the deniclean-soaked cleaner into the smoke channel of the cigarette holder and move it back and forth to loosen deposits and residue. Be particularly careful not to damage the inside and outside of the cigarette holder with the wire end.
  • Brushing the inner walls: Rotate the cleaner as you pull it through the cigarette holder to ensure that it reaches and cleans all areas. The bristles or mesh of the cleaner will help remove dirt and debris.
  • Repeat as needed: Depending on how dirty the cigarette holder is, you may need to repeat the process several times to clean it thoroughly.
  • Finish: Once you have cleaned the cigarette holder, allow it to dry before using it again. Alternatively, you can use a dry cleaner to speed up the drying process. 

Our cleaners are specially designed and manufactured to ensure gentle and effective cleaning of cigarette holders and pipes without causing damage. Using high quality materials such as flexible wires and soft bristles, residue is gently removed while maintaining integrity. Their flexible design allows them to tackle even hard-to-reach areas to ensure thorough cleaning, and they are designed to be easy to guide without causing friction or scratching. In this way, our cleaners provide optimal care for your cigarette holders or pipes and ensure that they always remain in top condition.

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