Filter for holders

Silica gel with its highly porous structure reduces tar and nicotine from tobacco smoke to a high extent. The Denicotea Regular Filter for holders is made especially for Denicotea holders and provides a snug fit, preventing the flow of smoke around the filter, trapping tar and other byproducts in a more effective way, allowing the smoker to enjoy the full flavor of the cigarette without compromise. Only the original Denicotea filter has the red cap!

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Denicotea Regular Filter, 10´s

Product no.: 10100

2.20 *
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Denicotea Regular Filter, 50´s

Product no.: 10105

8.75 *
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Denicotea L-Filter, 10´s

Product no.: 10110

2.50 *
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Denicotea L-Filter, 50´s

Product no.: 10115

9.45 *
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Denicotea Slim Filter, 6mm, 10´s

Product no.: 10135

2.95 *
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Denicotea Regular Filter, 12 x 50´s

Product no.: 10107

105.00 *
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