BLITZ SYSTEM Pipe cleaner

lightning fast... lightning bright… lightning clean…

Blitz Pipe Cleaner
A pipe cleaner is a type of brush designed to remove moisture and residue from tobacco pipes. Besides cleaning pipes, the brush type can also be used for many other applications such as cleaning small holes or tight spots. Thus, the pipe cleaner can also be used especially for cleaning medical equipment and for technical applications.

Two different types of fibres are used to manufacture the red and white flash cleaner, which are tightly bound and twisted in elastic steel wire. Its "backbone" is both strong and flexible due to the use of particularly resistant steel wire and the way it is processed. This ensures gentle continuous contact of the brush in the bore and mouthpiece during cleaning. The white highly absorbent textile fibre can absorb moist substances up to several times its own weight, the red brush ensures the abrasion of more stubborn substances. Its conical shape makes it easy to use on different problem areas.

Together with the liquid cleaning agent "deniclean", the flash cleaner also dissolves stubborn residues and ensures thorough cleaning and simultaneous care of the pipe.

This is how you recognise the genuine Blitz cleaner:

  • Pipe brush only original in red and white.
  • Conical pipe cleaner with flexible brush for permanent contact in the bores.
  • Flexible, strong "backbone" due to specially processed steel wire.
  • High cleaning potential due to two fibre components.
  • Absorption capacity of moist substances: Up to 3 times its own weight. 
  • Highly absorbent wick-like textile fibre.
  • Enhanced smoking comfort.