BLITZ SYSTEM Pipe filter

Clever - enjoyment with system

Blitz_Filter_ObenBlitz activated charcoal filter for 9mm pipes
The Blitz activated carbon filter with two heat-resistant ceramic caps can be conveniently inserted into the pipe on both sides. The sophisticated design of the caps enables pre-condensation and swirling of the smoke stream so that part of the moisture is already removed when the smoke enters the inside of the filter. Due to the swirling of the smoke, another part of the moisture is immediately fed to the highly absorbent paper sleeve and absorbed there. In this way, the highly porous activated carbon can filter the "pre-dried", more volatile and gaseous components more efficiently.


The filter cap technology and the amount of activated carbon are matched to each other, with the result that the effect of all three components of the filtration system is used optimally and the draw resistance is reduced to a comfortable level. This distinguishes the Blitz filter from those of conventional design.

Choose your good reason for the Blitz activated carbon filter:
  • Can be inserted into the pipe on both sides - due to heat-resistant ceramic.
  • Dry, cool smoke - through early separation of condensate and direct use of the highly absorbent filter paper.
  • More effective use of the activated carbon - through the pre-condensation of moist substances and swirling of the smoke stream.
  • Low draught resistance - due to coordinated system.
  • Branded article - Made in Germany.

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