Denicotea Filter characteristics

Features of denicotea cigarette holders with filter​

  • Reduction of nicotine and condensate inhalation through the integrated filter
  • Reduction of wrinkles - "tobacco bag mouth" by fixing the cigarette with the teeth
  • Reduction of nicotine smell on the fingers by the distance
  • Reduction of yellowing of the fingers due to the distance between them
  • Less tooth discoloration because the smoke is transmitted past the front teeth
  • Reduction of smoker's cough, with noticeably less coughing irritation
  • For normal King Size cigarettes as well as for Slim cigarettes and roll-your-own

Correct use of our filter cartridges in the cigarette holder

  • Insert the filter with the red cap towards the burner of the cigarette holder. The red cap should always face the cigarette, as this cap is particularly heat-resistant.
  • Depending on your smoking behavior, you can replace the filter after 10-15 cigarettes to achieve the maximum reduction effect (nicotine and condensate).


Cigarette holder filter from Denicotea, for your own sake


You will notice how much more pleasant smoking becomes with the first puff. Filters from Denicotea show what they filter out. What you save your lungs - you can see at first glance.




Silica Gel Filter 
before use in the 
Cigarette holder.








Silica Gel Filter

after the smoking of
approx. 10-15 cigarettes.


Our cigarette holders are suitable for use with Denicotea Regular- and L-Filters. The original Denicotea Silica Gel Filter reduces nicotine and condensate visibly and effectively. It preserves the taste.




Mode of action of the denicotea filter - only genuine with the red cap!

Prof. Dr. Traube developed a process for reducing nicotine and condensate from tobacco smoke at the end of the 1920s. He thus created the basis for an unsurpassed patent, the original Denicotea Silica Gel Filter.
What we perceive as smoke are extremely fine particles. They consist of water vapor produced during the combustion of tobacco, which is enriched with hundreds of organic substances. These fine, flavor-forming droplets are generally referred to as "tar" and "condensate". They also contain the controversial active ingredient "nicotine".
In order to achieve a reduction in these harmful substances without altering taste and aroma, a suitable filter must perform particularly well. The Denicotea Silica Gel Filter succeeds in this. This is because the structure of the transparent sleeve with the red denicotea brand lid and its combination with the silica gel filler enable nicotine and condensate to be effectively filtered out of the passing smoke.
A guaranteed tasteless filtering effect is achieved through the use of the purest silicon oxide, which also bears the name silica gel. Because of its highly porous structure - 1 gram of silica gel has a surface area of 300 square meters (approx. the filling quantity of a Denicotea Silica Gel Filter) - silica gel can bind harmful substances in tobacco smoke to a high degree. 
In addition, the degree of saturation of the silica gel can be recognized at any time by the change in color (to dark brown) of this transparent starting material. For this reason, the silica gel is contained in a transparent sleeve, for the benefit of the user, who can thus determine at any time when the filter should be changed.
The symmetrical design of the round filter succeeds in compressing the originally very filigree smoke particles into more solid units. Due to the length and size of the smoke channel, these are accelerated and bonded to the silica gel according to the principle of the impact and bounce effect in such a way that the gel can absorb the condensate droplets in the best possible way. This filters moisture, tar, nicotine and other harmful substances from the smoke to a high degree. The taste and thus the tobacco aroma are not affected by the filtration.
The excellent guidance of the smoke through the Denicotea Silica Gel Filter is achieved by its snug fit in each of the numerous denicotea filter tips. The Denicotea Regular Filter reduces nicotine and condensate levels to an extraordinary degree, while the Denicotea L-Filter (Long-Filter), which was expressly developed for more sensitive smokers, has an even greater effect due to its richer filling quantity.



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