denicotea Cigarette holder

About our cigarette holders


The core of our holders is the filter.


Invisible from the outside, the filter reduces nicotine and tar - without influencing the taste.

Inside the small filter capsule is silica gel which filters the smoke. After approximately 10 cigarettes, the filter is exchanged for a new one. (Only genuine with the red cap!)

This is how the effect and the denicotea filter-feeling remains true.

Pleasant side effectskatze

Elegantly the holder creates space between smoke and the consumer - the fine difference is noticeable in appearance and smell of the hands.

Depending on the smoking technique, the smoke can be directed away the front teeth - this results in less tooth discoloration in the frontal tooth area.

The right one for everyone: The original denicotea filters are available in the sizes "Standard", "L-Filter" and "Slimline Filter".

Care and sustainability

Only the filter requires regular replacement - the holder remains. This applies to all screw-on holders. Dip a pipe cleaner into Deniclean and clean your holder from the inside - this will allow your cigarette holder long lasting usage.

Denitip cigarette holders have all the advantages of Denicotea filters, the filter however is firmly integrated and the denitip is disposed of after 10-15 uses.

Tradition is important to us

Since 1932 Denicotea has combined pleasure with elegance and a touch of luxury. 

More than 50 different models emphasise the fashion aspect and are partly based on historical materials. Simple or elaborate - the genuine Denicotea experience remains.



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