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Many good reasons for using cigarette holders:

Cigarette holders (also called cigarette mouthpiece, cigarette extension) are often used by smokers to improve the smoking experience and reduce the negative effects of smoking. Some of the main arguments for using cigarette holders are explained below:

  1. Reduction of tar and condensate: Cigarette holders help to reduce the amount of toxins released when smoking cigarettes. By using cigarette holders with a Denicotea Filter Cartridge (cigarette filter), the smoke is filtered and cooled before it is inhaled, leading to a reduction in exposure to adverse substances.
  2. Protecting teeth: When smokers pull directly on the cigarette, this can lead to discolouration and dental problems. Cigarette holders can help protect teeth by guiding smoke past the teeth.
  3. More hygienic: Cigarette holders can help reduce the amount of bacteria and viruses that can be transferred from a smoker to a cigarette. By using holders, the end of the cigarette is covered, protecting it from possible pathogens.
  4. Stylish: There is a wide range of cigarette holders in different colours, shapes and materials. This allows smokers to express their personal style and personalise their enjoyment.
  5. Avoid mouthpiece parts: Most conventional cigarettes contain mouthpieces made of paper or soft plastic, which can be uncomfortable in the mouth. Cigarette holders are usually made of materials such as acrylic, plastic or precious metal and are a more comfortable alternative to traditional mouthpiece parts.
  6. More control: Cigarette holders give smokers more control over the smoking experience. For example, by choosing the right holder, smokers can influence the taste and strength of the smoke.
  7. Reusability: Our cigarette holders are reusable and help reduce waste and costs. By using a high quality cigarette holder, you can also ensure that you always have a holder to hand when you want to smoke a cigarette.
  8. Easy to use: Cigarette holders are easy to handle and can be quickly attached to the end of a cigarette. They are usually made of robust materials and can be used several times.
  9. Better taste: Because cigarette holders cool and filter the smoke, the taste of cigarettes can be improved. Many smokers report that they find the taste of tipped cigarettes much more pleasant than that of plain cigarettes.

In summary, cigarette holders can help make the smoking experience more enjoyable and less harmful. By using a cigarette holder, smokers can reduce the amount of tar and condensate and pathogens they inhale, protect their teeth, avoid uncomfortable mouthpieces, have more control over the smoking experience and reduce waste and costs. Similarly, cigarette holders help improve the taste of cigarettes and make them easier to handle. In addition, they also offer a way to express one's own distinctive style.




What are the characteristics of cigarette holders (also called cigarette extensions, cigarette mouthpieces)?

  • Ladies and gentlemen: There are no specific cigarette holders that are exclusively for ladies. Most holders available on the market are gender neutral and can be used by any smoker. However, there are some holders that are preferred by one gender because of their design or style.
  • Large target group: Cigarette holders are purchased by smokers as well as non-smokers. The customer group for purchase is equally diverse: consumers, collectors, gift seekers, accessory or luxsu lovers. The right product for every price. Depending on the design, there are inexpensive, mid-range and high-priced cigarette holders, especially for collectors' items.
  • Slim cigarette holders: Some are slimmer and more elegant in design, which is preferred by some women and also used as a fashion prop.
  • Stylish cigarette holders: Holders come in different colours and designs, which users consider as an individual smoking accessory. Our cigarette holders differ in colour, pattern, embellishments and engravings. Depending on personal taste, from modern to classic to vintage, there is something for everyone. 
  • Special occasion: Especially in the 1920s, they served as a status symbol and eye-catcher. They were and still are an expression of the emancipation of all social classes. Today, cigarette holders are also used for exclusive social events and special occasions such as dinner parties, weddings, theatre and opera visits or even theme parties, carnival or fancy dress. Apart from their everyday practical use to reduce the pollutants in the smoke.
  • Different sizes: Almost all cigarette holders available in our shop are designed to fit standard cigarettes and have the international standard size (King Size Format). If this is not the case, it is explicitly stated in the name and description of the product. Some holders are also longer or shorter than others and can be selected according to the smoker's preference. Some smokers prefer longer holders to extend the smoking time of the cigarette or to cool the smoke better, while others prefer shorter holders to keep the cigarette more discreet or to enjoy a stronger concentration of the smoke.



What special features do cigarette, cigarillo and cigar holders from denicotea have?

  • By using the silica gel (silica gel or pure silicon oxide) in the replaceable filter cartridge, carcinogenic compounds can be trapped better than with a conventional cigarette filter. Their many pores, large surface area and ability to adsorb non-polar compounds make them extremely effective.
  • The transparent and heat-resistant plastic cartridge allows you to see the degree of saturation of the filter at any time and to determine when it should be changed.
  • An ejector mechanism is integrated in all cigarette holders with the designation Automatic or Ejector in the product name. It allows the smoker to quickly and easily remove the used cigarette from the burner of the holder by pulling the burner towards him. The filter is pushed out of the cigarette holder by the ejector and can then be disposed of. This is found to be practical to ensure hygienic handling and to make the smoking process more enjoyable overall.
  • There are cigarette holders with different efficacy depending on the filter size used. We have 3 different filter types: Slim Filter (6mm), Regular Filter (9mm) and the L-Filter (9mm, long). Throughout, denicotea cigarette holder use silica gel, which is able to filter more harmful substances from the smoke than conventional cigarette filters. For example, some of our cigarette holders can accommodate the longer L-Filter, which can capture more of the harmful particles in the smoke. Each filter cartridge has special holes or openings that help to cool the smoke and make it easier to inhale. Specifications of the 3 filter types:
    • Slim Filter: 6mm diameter, 36mm length
    • Regular Filter: 9mm diameter, 35mm length
    • L-Filter: 9mm diameter, 57mm length
  • ​Integrated Silica Gel Filter Holder: An exception are our denitp cigarette holders which contain a fixed filter cartridge. They are used for 10 - 15 cigarettes, filter nicotine and condensate and are then simply disposed of. Our denitip can also be used for hand-rolled or pre-rolled cigarettes. The denitip cigarette holders are usually used for smoking pre-rolled tobacco cigarettes. However, if they are to be used for smoking cannabis in roll-your-own cigarettes (joints), they can also filter and cool the smoke for a smoother more pleasant inhalation. 
  • As for cigarette holders, Denicotea offers the respective cigarillo holders and cigar holder with integrated filter system for aficionados such as cigarillo smokers and cigar smokers. There is a separate category for both tobacco products, which only differ in the size of the ring gauge to ensure a safe application with a fit with your preferred brand.
  • Care and cleaning: We offer the suitable cleaning agent deniclean for our articles. In combination with denicotea's pipe and holders cleaners, you have the best basis for the proper maintenance and care of your products.



Cigarette holders are usually available in different sizes to fit different cigarette sizes or cigarette filters. There are common cigarette diameters that can be used with our cigarette holders:


We also stock special holders in the shop that have been developed for specific cigarette brands or formats, such as slim cigarette holders for slim cigarettes or wider normal holders for King Size Cigarettes. If you are unsure, simply measure the diameter of your cigarette and find the right cigarette holder from us.

  • Standard Size (King Size Format): This size fits most standard cigarettes and has a diameter of about 8-9 mm. Unless specifically noted in the product description, all our cigarette holders fit these cigarettes.
  • Slim Size: This size is specially designed for slimmer cigarettes and has a diameter of about 6-7 mm
  • Extra Slim Size: This size is even narrower than the Slim Size and has a diameter in the range of 4-6 mm, depending on the model. The cigarette holders are designed for extra slim cigarette variations.




Cigarette holders are made of various materials. Here is a list of the materials from which cigarette holders are made:


Basically, the so-called mouthpiece of a cigarette, cigarillo or cigar holder is made of heat-resistant plastic to protect the user's teeth. The different materials used in the production of cigarette holders therefore refer to the burner that holds the tobacco product.


  1. Plastic: Most cigarette holders available on the market are made of plastic. Plastic holders are usually cheap, lightweight and hygienically easy to clean, making them a practical option.
  2. Metal: Some cigarette holders are made of metal such as stainless steel or aluminium. Precious metal burners are usually more durable than plastic holders and are also available in different designs and finishes at
  3. Wood: Our cigarillo and cigar holders are made of wood. The briarwood burners are often handmade and can be purchased in various natural shapes and designs.
  4. Glass: Some cigarette holders are made entirely of glass. We do not use this material. Glass holders are fragile and can cause injury. Glass conducts heat very effectively, which means that the heat from the cigarette is transferred to your lips and fingers.
  5. Ceramic: Older cigarette holders were made entirely of ceramic. The same reasons that speak against the use of glass also apply to the ceramic material. Because of the porous material, bacteria and dirt particles can easily accumulate, which can lead to infection. Ceramic is heavier compared to other materials such as plastic. The holder is heavy and uncomfortable in your hand. We therefore do not use this material for the production of our cigarette holders.



The various sources of supply for cigarette holders:

  • Our online shop
  • Tobacco shops
  • Luxury accessories shops
  • Retailer
  • Specialist dealer
  • Antiques shops


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