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Ejector-Silver | Denicotea Cigarette Holder | 20215 | Total length 100mm

Cigarette holder with ejector mechanism - it has a mechanism that ejects the cigarette from the cigarette holder after smoking. The burner is movable and is pulled back to remove the cigarette from the cigarette holder. This cigarette holder can be used with Regular Filter or L-Filter. 

This model is one of the long cigarette holders. However, it is listed as a standard cigarette holder because, unlike all long automatic cigarette holders, it is supplied individually and not in a gift box together with 10 Regular filters.

If you would like to purchase this cigarette holder with a visually appealing and sturdy case (gift box), with 10 Standard Filters, we recommend the identical model with order number 20253.


Product Note Status Price
Denicotea Regular Filter, 10´s Denicotea Regular Filter, 10´s
2.20 € *
Denicotea Regular Filter, 50´s Denicotea Regular Filter, 50´s
8.75 € *
Denicotea L-Filter, 10´s Denicotea L-Filter, 10´s
2.50 € *
Denicotea L-Filter, 50´s Denicotea L-Filter, 50´s
9.45 € *
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