BLITZ SYSTEM Activated charcoal pipefilters 9mm, 200 pieces

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BLITZ SYSTEM Activated charcoal pipefilters 9mm | 200 pieces Pack

Reduces tar and nicotine for a dry and cool smoke.

Clever - enjoyment with system

Blitz_Filter_ObenBlitz activated charcoal filter for 9mm pipes
The Blitz activated carbon filter with two heat-resistant ceramic caps can be conveniently inserted into the pipe on both sides. The sophisticated design of the caps enables pre-condensation and swirling of the smoke stream so that part of the moisture is already removed when the smoke enters the inside of the filter. Due to the swirling of the smoke, another part of the moisture is immediately fed to the highly absorbent paper sleeve and absorbed there. In this way, the highly porous activated carbon can filter the "pre-dried", more volatile and gaseous components more efficiently.


The filter cap technology and the amount of activated carbon are matched to each other, with the result that the effect of all three components of the filtration system is used optimally and the draw resistance is reduced to a comfortable level. This distinguishes the Blitz filter from those of conventional design.

Choose your good reason for the Blitz activated carbon filter:
  • Can be inserted into the pipe on both sides - due to heat-resistant ceramic.
  • Dry, cool smoke - through early separation of condensate and direct use of the highly absorbent filter paper.
  • More effective use of the activated carbon - through the pre-condensation of moist substances and swirling of the smoke stream.
  • Low draught resistance - due to coordinated system.
  • Branded article - Made in Germany.

Advantages of using activated carbon filters in tobacco pipes:

  1. Reduction of harmful substances: Activated carbon filters help to filter the pollutants from tobacco smoke, such as nicotine, tar and other harmful substances. By adsorbing the pollutants on the surface of the activated carbon, the smoke is purified before it is inhaled. This can make the overall smoking experience less harmful to health.
  2. Improving the taste: By filtering unwanted aromas and flavors in the smoke, the taste of the tobacco can be improved. This means that the smoke tastes more pleasant and pure. Some pipe smokers report a smoother, cleaner taste experience when they use activated carbon filters.
  3. Reduction of moisture: Activated carbon filters help absorb moisture from tobacco smoke. This reduces the risk of condensation in the pipe and produces a more pleasant smoke. Tobacco burns more evenly and efficiently, resulting in a more pleasant smoking experience.
  4. Reduction of discoloration: Activated carbon filters reduce discoloration of the teeth and pipe by filtering some of the harmful compounds from the smoke.
  5. Reduction of odors: Activated charcoal filters can help reduce unpleasant odors often associated with tobacco smoking. This can make the smoking experience more pleasant for others in the vicinity.
  6. Longer Pipe Life: By using activated carbon filters, you can also extend the life of your pipe. Since activated charcoal filters absorb debris and impurities from the smoke, this can help prevent these deposits from accumulating in your pipe, keeping it clean and functional for longer.
  7. Easy to use: activated charcoal filters are easy to use and can be easily inserted into most tobacco pipes. They simply need to be inserted into the pipe and can be easily disposed of after smoking.
  8. Inexpensive: Activated charcoal filters are usually inexpensive and can be purchased in large quantities. This allows smokers to use them regularly to enhance the smoking experience without breaking the budget.
  9. Easy cleaning: Activated charcoal filters can be easily replaced, making it easy to clean your pipe with the right pipe cleaners. By replacing the activated carbon filter regularly, you can help keep your pipe clean and in good condition.

In summary, the function of activated carbon filters in tobacco pipes can be well described: Activated carbon filters in tobacco pipes work through a physical phenomenon called adsorption. Adsorption is a process in which molecules or particles stick to the surface of a material. In this case, the harmful components of tobacco smoke adhere to the surface of the activated carbon. Activated carbon consists of a large number of tiny pores and has a very large surface area per gram. This surface provides a large number of places where the harmful substances and excess moisture from the smoke adhere.

  • Optimally suited for joint smokers, activated charcoal filters pollutants while allowing THC and CBD to pass through unhindered without any loss of active ingredient. It is a myth that THC is filtered through the activated charcoal, no evidence or studies exist that we know of to support this theory. The filter also creates a useful distance between the lips and the burning material. Thus, the contents of a joint can be smoked much more comfortably without burning your fingers.


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